Survival Skills For All Managers – Featuring Eve Ash

Eve Ash is globally one of the top trainers in the Leadership space, having created over 700 popular business training programs on leadership and communication, used by corporations, government and universities worldwide.  Her multi-award winning documentaries and TV series are screened internationally.

Best program I’ve ever attended (5++)

Become The Manager That Everyone Wants to Work With, & Respects.

Leaders know how to engage their people and build a culture of success - boosting productivity, service quality, turnover and ultimately, profit.

Surprisingly, research by Gallup has revealed that globally only 10% of people have essential leadership traits to ensure team excellence yet they can boost profit 50% more than an average manager. High quality leadership training is a must.

Led by a world renowned expert flown into Singapore from Australia. This interactive program inspires managers to improve themselves and their teams. It explores best practices in leadership and specific skills and techniques for immediate application back at work. Participants will learn techniques, see them in action and complete a number of activities, role-plays and skill building exercises





indexPsychologist Eve Ash,
Founder of Seven Dimensions

A prodigious author and charismatic speaker, Eve is a globally recognized leading expert on Business Leadership training and has produced over 700 training programs, teaching over 20,0000 organisations and executives around the world how to lead, communicate, present and resolve conflict successfully.

Her programs are distributed in over 40 countries and in use by businesses and universities all over the world.
Her best-selling books Rewrite Your Life! and Rewrite Your Relationships! are published by Penguin.

Eve has been a Director on Boards in Australia and has won over 160 awards including an Australian Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Award. Eve is the lead writer on people problems for Smartcompany.

Eve is an inspirational speaker renowned for her practical strategies, powerful communication style, memorable presentations and creative interactive workshops


"Best management workshop I have ever done."


"She’s an inspiration…"


"I thought Eve was fantastic, and wish more companies and individuals could hear what she has to say and take away the wisdom she so eloquently and effectively shares."


"She’s warm, funny, down-to-earth…"


"Eve inspired, entertained and motivated our delegates."


"Best program I’ve ever attended (5++)"


"Her extensive business knowledge, creativity and practical experience unite people towards a common vision and goal."


"She challenges and stimulates people at all levels..."




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Learn a unique psychological approach to successful thinking that you can immediately implement with your team to achieve goals, even in teams working virtually

Develop know-how to build trust and stronger relationships with everyone – your staff, co-workers and executives especially in diverse teams by honing your self-awareness and ‘EQ communication’ skills

Gain confidence in presenting your vision, plans, decisions and ideas to small or large groups, so they become more openly aligned

Discover the art of becoming a role model meeting facilitator who is known and admired for running efficient, energising and productive meetings

Find out best ways to select high performing staff with positive attitudes who are problem solvers, not problem bringers or problem creators

Know how to create a culture of success - engagement, accountability and innovation even when mistakes are made and roadblocks occur

Learn how to coach, train and develop your people so they have best chances of reaching their potential under your leadership, and high achievers remain engaged

Build your skills to counsel, mediate and give feedback professionally, so you can manage poor performers and overcome personality clashes

Plan and prioritise your projects and competing demands by focusing on strategic objectives that you can achieve even under pressure

Evaluate your own leadership and learning style and plan your ongoing development strategy so you continue to grow and develop as a role model leader that everyone appreciates

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Session 1 

Best Practice: 7 Essential Leadership Skills

Inspire your team and become a role model leader by understanding and building essential leadership skills.

You Will Learn

The 7 leadership characteristics of best practice managers:

  1. Visionary achiever
  2. Decisive and efficient
  3. Open communicator and relationship builder
  4. Empowering motivator
  5. Risk taker with 100% integrity
  6. Healthy balance focus
  7. Resilient learner

VIDEO: Learn more about yourself – Dean Judy Olian UCLA Anderson School of Management

ACTIVITY: Leaders we admire

ACTIVITY: My leadership style


Session 2

Uplifting Your Team's Mindsets To Achive Your Goals

Learn Eve Ash’s unique psychological approach to motivation and success. Discover the black box of our mind and the Lands of W.

You Will Learn

How to develop and use a winning mindset so everyone achieves goals:

  • Discover the 2 key attitudes for success
  • The impact of personal scripts on performance and potential
  • How contagious scripts can damage a team culture
  • The 3 top fears that cause people to sabotage their own performance
  • The 3 most common ways people remain stuck in the Negative Land of W
  • Help staff overcome their negative blocks
  • Ways to shift to the 3 powerful operating modes of the Positive Land of W
  • How to use Lands of W to improve team communication
  • Learn the proven 4 step formula for achieving goals

VIDEO: Developing Successful Mindsets

ACTIVITY: Workplace scripts that impact performance

ACTIVITY: Goal setting exercise



Session 3

Advanced Communication Skills For Managers

When managers communicate well they gain respect. Discover the skills that can help you be more professional, face-to-face, in writing, on the phone and running meetings.

You Will Learn 

The core skills for high EQ and strategies to develop them:

  • The impact of body language – theirs and yours
  • Explain, clarify and influence with action oriented communication
  • Develop 6 listening and questioning skills
  • Experience the 5 steps to be GRAND not BLAND when presenting to a group
  • How to present with passion and voice your vision
  • Learn 7 essential skills for facilitating and controlling effective meetings
  • Conflicts and challenges – find common ground and resolve

VIDEO: Presenting with Passion

ACTIVITY: Pick problem, speak and solve

ACTIVITY: How to steer a difficult conversation


Session 4

How To Select The Best People For Your Team

Overcome common selection mistakes and recruit high performers to your team.

You Will Learn

Avoid the 6 common mistakes made when selecting staff:

  • Develop an effective recruitment strategy – 5 ways to get best results
  • A 3 layered interview strategy to finding the right person for the right job
  • The balance of attitudes vs skills
  • How to use work test simulations and role plays
  • The art of behavioural interviewing and one big problem
  • How to recruit problem solvers not problem bringers
  • Using an evaluation matrix and weightings
  • Refining the business story and the induction promise

VIDEO: Recruiting High Achievers

ACTIVITY: Behavioural interview practice

ACTIVITY: Constructing an evaluation matrix



View The Full Day Two Agenda


Session 5 

Build A Culture For High Performance

Good leaders create the right culture for their teams, enabling everyone to reach their potential.

You Will Learn

How to create a culture of motivation, excellence and accountability:

  • Optimism and physical benefits of laughter and fun
  • Ensure the vision and values are understood.
  • How to set standards and shared behaviours
  • Creating a Service Excellence Culture
  • Creating a culture for improvement and innovation
  • Rewards, awards and acknowledgement
  • A 4-Step method for using mistakes as a learning platform
  • Balancing completing demands and overcoming stress
  • A healthy lifestyle for everyone

VIDEO: Demonstrate Values with Actions

ACTIVITY: Service Level Steps


Session 6

Coaching & The Art of Feedback

Coaching your people and give feedback so they learn skills and achieve their potential.

You Will Learn

Plan to spend time with your people, single and in a group, to build their skills:

  • Learn a practical 5 step model for coaching
  • Strategies for keeping high achievers engaged
  • How to establish a verbal contract for giving and receiving feedback
  • 6 essential steps to ensure feedback is received openly
  • 12 steps to ensure the feedback you give is constructive and professional
  • Plan for quality appraisals with a career discussion for best results
  • How to manage and monitor performance
  • 4 useful counselling skills for managers
  • A 3 step approach to managing poor performers

VIDEO: Recognition and Feedback

ACTIVITY: Giving and receiving feedback – skill building


Session 7

Plan, Priortise & Complete

Managers gain respect by their competence and on time delivery, so they must plan and manage time to ensure they keep projects and teams moving forward.

You Will Learn

Focus on your own planning and scheduling skills to perform at your best:

  • The impact of overload and inefficiency
  • The tell-tale symptoms of stress and poor time-management
  • 5 steps to overcoming procrastination
  • How to manage disruptions politely
  • A mindset for completion and the discipline of moving forward
  • Planning and prioritising
  • Celebrating milestones and completion

VIDEO: Planning and Scheduling for Results with Jan Durrans, Senior VP BOFI Federal Bank, USA

ACTIVITY: My schedule and my priorities


Session 8

Your Leadership PLAN OF ACTION

It’s time to put it all together and review skills and knowledge learned.

You Will Learn

Review knowledge and skills you have learned and develop an action plan for the future:

  • Look back, think forward
  • List goals and strategies
  • Develop action plan
  • Get feedback

ACTIVITY: Developing my plan

ACTIVITY: Sharing my plan with a ‘mentor’

Just 1 Session in Singapore - 24 & 25 MAY - 2018



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